Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Never date the daughter (or ex-wife) of the
Chief of Police (studio version or otherwise).

By Ed Gauthier
The Clark Kent
Of Blogging

I'm taking the chance to comment on this matter, due to the DVD release of the movie Hollywoodland today. This inconclusive cinematic bon-bon hit theaters on September 8, 2006, but they didn't put this frustrating film out on DVD until now, over two years later.

It does a lot of dancing around, but solves nothing about the case it deals with, so now I'm inspired to share my investigations and insight into it over the years, and set the record straight - at least from my side of the fence.

For openers, with all due respect to several other journalistic researchers, their Lenore Lemmon guilt scenarios regarding the slaying of Superman TV series actor George Reeves are all wrong.

Lemmon did not kill Superman TV series actor George Reeves. That is total nonsense. She was hardly going to be bothered getting engaged to Reeves if he wasn't going to be alive to carry out the marriage which would get her so much of his money over the years.

Even if Lemmon cut it short with a divorce, California's community property laws would have at least gotten her about half of all his assets. However, as a mere "jilted girlfriend" (like Mannix, and no doubt a few others) she wouldn't - and didn't - get a cent.

But Lemmon did know about the hit ordered by Toni Mannix, which could not be canceled. She travelled in the same circles as Mannix, and it was common knowledge among those folks that Reeves had dumped Mannix, and in revenge she had ordered the hit from her ex-husband Eddie.

That's why she often joked about his "inevitable suicide," knowing that he had already theoretically "committed suicide" - by leaving the vengeful psycho Mannix, who also not surprisingly had a history of stalking Reeves long after the breakup.

Some smirk that police allowed Lemmon to leave the country without even grilling her, because she had "tight contacts" with the police department. Well, most people in her Hollywood party circle also did, and Mannix, with her MGM security boss ex-husband would have to be far higher on that list than comparative newbie Lemmon.

The bottom line there was that the cops likewise knew about the upcoming hit, and it was no shock to them. Therefore they also did not "bungle" the case - they knew it would be happening soon, and they also knew they could do nothing about it. To be more specific, Lemmon and Reeves' wedding was scheduled for June 19, 1959, and Reeves was killed only three days earlier on June 16.

So there was no random "spat" between Lemmon and Reeves, leading to her killing him in a rage in the company of house guests, as has often been alleged. What is clear is that the killer must have been instructed to bump off Reeves before the marriage could take place, so Lemmon could claim nothing. If Reeves hadn't been dealt with on that day, it would certainly have been either on June 17 or June 18.

Moral: Never sign a check that can't be cashed. Reeves should never have dated Mannix in the first place, but once he started, he should have known there was no way out but to just shut up and marry her.