Saturday, November 19, 2011


Let's see, she had a lifetime fear of going near the water, yet she wanted
to jump into a dingy to go floating around in it? Uh-huh, sure.

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times reported that at long last the 1981 mystery of actress Natalie Wood's demise will be examined once again.

The boat's captain recently wrote a book about the incident, and has revealed that he, Wagner and Walken "concocted the story for police" about Wood leaving her bed to go and secure the dingy, which was making noise and disturbing her sleep. However, one would think that being full of booze, as she was, would certainly pose no barrier at all to passing out.

Asked if Robert Wagner was a suspect in this new probe of Wood's death, police said that currently he is not.

Therefore to put it poetically, there are very few suspects:

They're letting the captain sell his new book
At Wagner they're not even taking a look
Which leaves Walken still on the hook!

Hopefully the folks who might be offering some possible "new evidence" in the 30 year old case will not be bought off, bumped off or coincidentally have any similar "accidents" before they can testify in court! (wink-wink)


Sunday, November 13, 2011


In the case of an old folkie like me, it's not very often
that I can honestly recommend any current group.
But such a group finally popped out of the ether,
and they're called Sound Of Harris.

The song is titled Always Home. (Nadia Fay has also done a shorter version of it.) The particular usage here is from an Animoto-produced YT family photo collection vid.

Normally I don't just run other peoples' random scrapbook dealies here, but frankly it's the best way to download the dang tune when you're super-lazy.

Happy birthday, bro!

Friday, November 11, 2011


FROM THE DESK OF... know who.

Yesterday I got another fine message from my very close personal friend (never met him), Senator Al Franken. And I appreciate that I'm getting such interesting material like these recent election results to pass along to you from famous people, like him, Senator Al Franken. And now, without any further ado, here he is, Senator Al Franken!

Email dated 11/10/11

Dear Ed,

Tuesday night, we saw progressives stand up and fight.

In Ohio, voters resoundingly defeated a terrible law that stole collective bargaining rights away from nurses, teachers, cops, and firefighters. In Mississippi, they voted down an extreme anti-choice amendment. In Maine, they reversed a decision to end same-day voter registration. In Arizona, they recalled a state senator well-known for being a radical right-wing demagogue on immigration. In Kentucky, Iowa, and New Jersey, Democrats triumphed.

And right here in Minnesota, I was proud to see Duluth add three terrific women to its City Council (meaning four of the nine Councilors will be women), and excited that a vast majority of school levy questions were approved.

We didn’t win every battle, but those who fought to stop far-right laws and elect progressive candidates deserve our gratitude. And, of course, those who won Tuesday night deserve our congratulations.

There’s going to be a lot of talk about what those results meant. But let’s not get big heads just yet. We have a lot of work to do. There are still a lot of workers whose basic rights are under attack, a lot of states where reproductive rights are in jeopardy, a lot of voters who may be disenfranchised by new Republican-backed laws, and a lot of work to do before 2012.

I hope that if you were part of one of these fights, you took yesterday to celebrate and rest up. But today, it’s back to work. We have big fights ahead. And I’m proud to have you on my side.



Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Instead of the 60% previously reported, today's bogus flu shots
currently show only a 1.5 success out of every 100.
(You could get better results by injecting water.)
Avoid them like the plague!

From a report today by the Natural News:

(NaturalNews) The medical community is in the process of unveiling a "universal" influenza vaccine that it claims will prevent all flu strains with a single jab. The only problem is that, in the process, the system has inadvertently admitted that current flu shots are medically useless because they fail to target the correct flu strain in many cases, and they do not stimulate a natural flu-fighting immune response even when the strain is a match.

A recent report by CBS 11 News in Dallas / Fort Worth explains that researchers from the University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas have identified a compound they say spurs the growth of a key protein known as REDD-1, which prevents cells from becoming infected. By injecting this compound into patients, REDD-1 will increase, say the researchers, and thus effectively prevent any strain of flu from taking hold.

But what about current flu vaccines? Dr. Beatrice Fontoura, one of the head researchers involved with the new universal flu shot, explained to CBS 11 that it works differently than current flu shots because it "stimulates our own (immune) response which is already there and boost[s] it to fight an infection."

In other words, flu shots being sold today at pharmacies across the country do not actually promote natural immunity at all, which begs an important question. If current flu shots do not boost the immune response, then what, exactly, are they good for?

Not much, according to a recent study published in The Lancet. Though the mainstream media widely reported that the study's findings showed an effectiveness rate of 60 percent for flu shots, actual data in the study reveal that flu shots help about 1.5 out of every 100 adults. This, of course, translates into a measly 1.5 percent effectiveness rate (

And yet, for years, medical professionals everywhere have been hounding the public to get their flu shots or else face horrific sickness and even death. And those who continue to avoid the flu shot based on concerns about its safety and effectiveness have been routinely dubbed "anti-science," or worse.

Ironically, the CBS 11 piece about the universal flu shot also contains an interview with a woman who admits that she stopped getting the flu shot because it made her sick every single year. Once she stopped getting flu shots, she stopped getting the flu. So why, again, do we even need a universal flu shot?

Source Link:
In 'Universal' Flu Shot Push, Medical Industry
Admits Current Flu Shots Are Useless

Friday, November 4, 2011


Sometimes the world seems against you, and other times
it just doesn't want to shake your hand while you're being
electrocuted with your fingers stuck in a light socket.

By Howard Schneider and David Nakamura
Hamilton Spectator Wire Services

(HS) - - CANNES, FRANCE - - World leaders attending the G20 summit sent a strong message to Europe on Friday that it must do more to manage its spiralling debt and financial problems but offered no explicit help, saying the region’s fate was in its own hands.

After two days of talks dominated by the crisis in Greece, the most tangible outcome was an agreement by the cash-strapped government of Italy to allow its economy to be intensely monitored by the International Monetary Fund.

Group of 20 leaders also said they would begin studying ways the IMF might provide faster help around the world in a crisis. They said the IMF could be beefed up to help more, but not for at least three more months.

Underlying those announcements was impatience about how long it is taking the 17-nation euro region to make key decisions, for example, about how to guarantee that Italy will not be abandoned by global investors and need a costly bailout.

“We ... urge rapid elaboration and implementation” of recent rescue programs that remain to be fleshed out, the group’s finale communiqué states.

The whole exercise was geared to forestalling a second global recession that some economists say is already gripping the United States and Europe.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said there was “money sitting on the sidelines” that could revive the global economy, but none of it is Canadian tax dollars destined for a European bailout.

The G20 had kind words for President Barack Obama’s approach to U.S. economic troubles, saying his $447-billion proposal to spur job growth, which has been blocked in Congress, represents the kind of step that could invigorate the global economy in the short run. Deficit reduction, which the administration has set as a longer-run goal, is also important for heavily indebted countries, the group said.

China, meanwhile, agreed to move “more rapidly” to float its exchange rate and open up its financial system. Administration officials say the language represents a more serious recognition by China that its own economy is at risk from Europe’s problems. With demand flagging in the developed world, “China will rebalance ... towards domestic consumption by implementing measures to strengthen social safety nets, increase household income and transform the economic growth pattern,” a separate summit action plan states.

The focus of the conference was on Europe, where political turmoil in Greece has raised the risk of a fracture in the euro currency union. Seven of the G20’s members are European (six countries plus the European Union) but the crisis on the continent has come to represent a threat to the global economy.

Concerns have been rising that political paralysis in Italy could soon put the euro region’s third-largest economy in jeopardy. Investors have been demanding higher interest rates to lend Italy money, and the cost could soon become unsustainable for the government in Rome.

Amid high-level discussions about Italy’s plight, Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi “invited” the IMF to complete quarterly reports about his government’s performance on controlling spending and carrying out economic reform. That level of oversight is more typical for countries under an IMF emergency loan program.

IMF managing director Christine Lagarde said the aim of those steps is to rebuild confidence that Berlusconi will follow through on promises to cut spending and make economic changes.

“The problem is a lack of credibility” that the plans announced by Berlusconi will be implemented, Lagarde said. The quarterly IMF reports will be about “verification, certification and implementation,” she said, adding that “it is now the IMF’s credibility that is a little bit on the line.”

Original Headline:
You’re On Your Own, World Leaders Tell Europe

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Like the Guidestones, the FEMA camp/"detention center"
setup shown in the Jesse Ventura/Alex Jones-hosted
Conspracy Theory TV show of 2011 are also in Georgia,
although many other states have very similar areas.
Whether the excuse is radiation disease from Niburu
or the Japan nuke meltdown of March 2011,
or just not following the rules under a possible
future environment of Marshall Law, these camps -
and those "coffin boxes" - are waiting for customers!