Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ouch! Thanks for helping us in this bad economy, Jack the jerk.
Well, another burger joint just bit it - so I won't be biting there anymore.

By Ed Gauthier

Yesterday some buds and I were informed by our local Jack-In-The-Box that this week they had just Jack-In-A-Box-ed up the price of their spicy chicken sandwich by a... DOLLAR!

Sure, in 2008 Bush Jr. screwed the economy to the point that it'll take a half decade just to catch our balance, so 20 cents added on here and there - every once in a while - isn't that much of a sticker shock. But a whole BUCK in one fell swoop? No way!

Now instead of $3.09, it's $4.09 - and that's before adding cheese or cheesy sales tax. Whatta rip-off!

That mega-sucks, since the "chic sand" was one of the few menu items I actually liked, and which they also couldn't screw up too badly.

But now they DID screw it up - by raising the price to a ridiculous level for such a little snack!

Sure, this particular chain is just one of several found on the Junkfood Valley map, so I'm not implying for a second that the OTHER guys aren't pulling some very similar pranks.

However, while I'm using this single price raise (gouge) as an example of a greed epidemic, we also seriously doubt that the "competition" is hitting us up for a dollar or more per shot. If so, we'd certainly like to hear about that, too. (Maybe this could grow to a whole series of such articles.)

But getting back to the messy situation at hand (if there are no napkins handy), I told them I was boycotting, starting NOW. Whether or not you do the same is entirely your choice. Of course we're only talking takeout treats, here - hardly all that vital in the main scheme of things.

In fact, nobody should really still be gulping down junk food on a regular basis in the 21st century, anyway.

Well, now you've been warned, folks, and this Jack-In-The-Box-booted corporate greed no doubt will also affect other items on their menu, if it hasn't already.

So long, Jack - I won't be back!