Sunday, March 23, 2014


By Ed Gauthier

Regarding the 1963 JFK hit and otherwise:

Whether it was Korea, Vietnam or the Middle East block didn't matter.

It was all part of a War Machine "menace" used as an excuse to move
large sums of money back and forth to skim off the top for a corrupt
government's Black Budget projects.

They accidentally found out this was possible right after WWII,
when they began tallying up all the financial receipts, as it were.

Wanting to keep such a good thing going, the minor fact that there
was no longer a real war going on was certainly not going to stop them.

"Them" being the power brokers in dire need - make that greed -
of running the entire globe themselves.

Therefore they would eliminate anyone threatening an end to their scam.

The "presidents" were inserted as mere teams:

JFK-Johnson, Nixon-Ford, Reagan (puppet)-Bush Sr., Clinton-Bush Jr.

(Also Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Bush Sr. had previously ruled in the
capacity of "vice-president" on top of that.)

The only (non-puppet) wild card was Carter, but they made sure
that he turned out to be an ineffective one-termer.

(Ford was supposed to win that one, but there was a snafu -
which is a very rare happening for the Globalist goons.)

Remember, there's no such thing anymore as two
different political parties - they've all been the same since 1963.
Eisenhower was right when he warned of the danger of
a country-wide takeover by the military industrial complex.

Just a brief look on any internet search engine will also show
that all such presidents engaged in the exact same money-grabbing
fund raiser rip-offs, real estate frauds, computer hacking tricks,
crooked oil deals and stock swindles - even trails of many witnesses
being "suicided" the very same week they were going to testify
against them in court.

Shotgun shootings and stabbings seem to be the favorite method
of choice by the Globies, and of course their bought and paid for
"medical examiners" have always ruled even the most obvious
such homicides as instead being mere suicides.

Wow, sounds like one of those corny old 1930s gangster movies
about Chicago, doesn't it?

Well, speaking of Chicago, right now you might be asking
what about this "new" guy from there named Obama?

The jury of history is still out on that yet, but he did similarly
"team" with his old presidential "rival" Hilary Clinton,
by making her a Secretary of Whatever.

And she still might yet again run for prez... in 2016.